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Writer's Block: Close Call

This past November i was in car wreck and I walkede away without a scratch but if the bar that held the engine in place had slipt or not been there then I would have been crushed and I might still be alive but I would not be able to walk.

Writer's Block: Shhhh

I would go on the retreat and if no one else was talking then I believe that I could last the entire time especally if I am somwhere that is a beutiful place that all I want to do is relax.
The biggest thing that I am having a concern about is the fact that the polar ice caps are melting and the reason that the scientists say this is happening is because global warming so those things worry me. I would like to say that I am doing something to help this problem but I am not and it is not because I do not want to it is because I do not know what I want to do. Another thing that i should say is bothering me even though I know you only asked for one but I do not like the rainforest are being cut down because there are plants there that we can never recreat and the fact that people are ok with cutting them down makes me mad.

Writer's Block: Life Changes

I think that the thing I am most proud of is the fact that since my dad and my stepmom have been trying to work out their problems I have been able to get pass the fact that I do not like her and support my dad in his decision because this is what makes him happy and that is all that I want for him so I am very proud of this because that means that I am growing up and not acting like a spoilt brat and only worrying about what makes me happy.

Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now?

I hope that in my lifetime they find the cure for cancer the reason that I think that this is the most important is because so many people die from this and the large portion are children and I hope that one day we will be able to do something to help them.

Smoking on Campus

I think that smoking should be aloud as long as they are not standing at the door doing it. The school she say that their is one area that you can smoke in and that is it. If a student wants to sit outside and smoke a cigarette then I think that this s their choice so that is also another spot that they should be aloud to smoke.
I would tell the person  because i think that they deserve to know and I would want them to tell me so I should treat them with the same consideration. I know that the person might feel hurt when they are first told and they might not be to happy about it at first but once they can get a gripp they will realize that it is best they know now then to find out later.

Writer's Block: What Next?

I am not sure what happens to us but a kinda of hope that we are reborn so that we can see this life again from a different point of view and that makes some sense that this is the way that things go because really how many souls can their be that can keep being new ones.
I like both of the seasons but the one that I like the most is the fall. The reason that I like this so much is because I like to go to the mountains and see the leaves change it is just the better season all in all. The only thing I like about the spring is that it means that the weather is getting warmer and that things are coming back to life after being dorment for so long.

Meet the Fockers

Meet the Fockers



The first thing that I would like to discuss is the families difference in professions and what it is that they do. Jack works for the CIA and this career can be very hard on the whole family. Dina Byrnes is a stay at home mom and this in itself is a hard thing to do and with a husband in the CIA it makes life very difficult for them both and their children. While both of these people have a hard outer shell inside they really do care about their kids and each other. The Fockers are the complete opposite in almost every way. Rozalin is a sex therapist that specializes in senior citizens and because of this it makes the relationship that her and Bernie have. Bernie became a stay at home dad after their son was born and this opened open their relationship more because he was there all of the time. I know that it seems obvious how their career differences impacted their lives but even so the Fockers and the Byrnes are just as loving but they show it in different ways.

The second thing that I would like to discuss is the difference in their personalities and what it is that make them act that way. Jack is a paranoid, control freak and the perfect example of that is when he gave Greg a truth serum shot so he could get out of him what he wanted. Jacks paranoia is one of the biggest things that separate these families because the Fockers are open. Bernie is a little crazy, and outspoken but he is kind and he is generous and that even amplifies the differences because Jack is the complete opposite because he can not even get close to being open about things. The women of the families are also very different because Dina is a stay at home mom who hardly ever speaks and seems to be afraid to voice her opinions at points but Rozalin works and she is so out spoken that sometimes it is a little inappropriate. The biggest personality difference is that the Byrnes are hard core in every way and the Fockers are extremely relaxed and the reason that I say this is the biggest is because it is the root of everything else because if they were a little more either way they would be extremely alike.

The last difference that I would like to discuss is the families lifestyles and how much of a difference that there is. The Byrnes family is a more traditional family they live in a way that says we are old fashion and the Fockers are completely different. The Fockers are more eccentric they leave as if they have no worries in the world and that everything is always perfect. The differences in lifestyle is very apparent by the homes that they live in. The Byrnes family house is the house that everyone imagines when they are young it is a huger two story house that is comfortable for almost anyone to live in. The house that the Fockers live in is a house that I do not think anyone could imagine this house is made for people that are a little bit different. This proves the difference that the two families have and the reason that they have such a hard time at getting along at first.

The family differences are great but the two kids love each other enough that they are willing to get past them for each other and I think that this is admiral. What these differences prove is that no matter what difference the families may have the people that are getting together sometimes have the best relationships because of those differences. I hope that the explanations that I have given show that these families have a lot of differences that they needed to get through and I hope that everyone enjoyed my paper.

In this movie two families meet for the first time and they realizes just how different they are. The Byrnes family and the Fockers family are both well meaning but they are definitely the most different that two families can get even though their kids are so much alike. There are three things specifically that I will be focusing on during this paper and they are the professions in the families, their personalities, and their lifestyles.